European Footcare Supply
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We supply tools for footcare professionals.

View the drills   Choose a water spray drill or a drill with built-in vacuum.         
View hand instruments and Neuropathy assessment   Choose from a full range of hand instruments of extra hard long lasting German stainless steel.  Nippers, files, scissors, surgical and more.                                   

View bur selection

  Choose from diamond , carbide , stainless steel, ceramic and polishing burs and burs with sanding caps.                       
Drills come with a trial period of two weeks and 3 year warranty on parts and labour, including the handpiece.  

Hand instruments have LifeTime warranty on breakage if kept sharp.

  All items have  a 2 week money back guarantee including instruments that have not been used.
Footcare Nurses   Special considerations for Nurses   Service and Repair: click Drills...Drill Care

We only supply high quality instruments that can be trusted.  Lower quality goods tend to lead to disappointment during use.  If you use drills and instruments on a daily basis they should work dependably and with good performance.  You work more quickly and patients are more satisfied.